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Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons Program is our 4-6 year olds. The primary focus points for this age group are:


Self Control


Listening Skills

These are the life skills we teach them right away. Your little one will get a full head to toe workout in every class so we can aim all that energy into a positive outcome. We do this by using very specific and structured class plans that tap into your child’s curiosity, creative mind, and need to be in constant motion. You could say that we “sneak in” the life skills lessons in the middle of all the fun!
The movements of the Martial Arts Techniques in this age group are used for improving physical fitness, memorization, coordination and balance. The life skills are infused all throughout the lesson using specific examples of how they are using them. They will learn to find their spot, say Yes Sir and Yes Ma'am, look people in the eye, move on command, and to do things the first time they are asked.
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