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Family Martial Arts

A family that trains together, stays together. 
One of the many things that sets American Dragon apart from other academies is our family classes. Moms, Dads, and Kids can all train in classes together in our family program. We have found over the years that there are so many positive benefits to training as a family.

1) It’s a great family bonding activity

Because we often get so caught up with life, we tend to put family time on the back burner, and sometimes end up not spending enough quality time together. This can change and become much easier when you and your family work out together. Think about it: you’ll all plan your training schedule in advance and set aside the required time to regularly attend classes together.
What’s more, it’s the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids and establish a deeper connection that can last through the years.

2) It helps the whole family to get into great shape

Besides giving you bonding time with your kids, training martial arts together would help your family to get stronger together!
There’s no doubt that your family will reap physical benefits such as better endurance, flexibility,strength and overall health. AAdditionally, you will also gain confidence, have better focus and patience at work and with family. When training inclasses, endorphins get released and will boost your mood. So, expect alot of fun and to feel great after every class.

3) It strengthens your relationship with family members

As we mentioned earlier, training time would also be family bonding time if you train together with your kids. After all, a family that kicks together, sticks together! This is because you’d all be there for each other, to celebrate the small victories and cheer each other on during rank advancement and graduations.

4) Accountability and being a Role model

There are bound to be moments when someone feels lazy, or unmotivated to train. Hence, your family members can spur each other on and of course, encourage the unmotivated ones to keep up with the training.
As a parent, YOU are your child’s biggest role model, whether they tell you or not. They watch everything that you do. There is no better way to influence your kids than to lead by example. If you want your child to be fit, healthy and confident, then you must be fit, healthy and confident. Training Martial Arts at American Dragon together will add to the influence you have with your kids.
The best part about training together as a family is that you’ll always be on each others’ team, and no matter what. We believe that there’s no better team than your family, so why not start training together?
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