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Filipino Martial Arts

Here at American Dragon we teach Arnis, also known as Kali or Eskrima, as well as Silat. 

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Kali is a martial art from the Phillipines, which incorporates the use of weaponry to teach universal principles of motion. Once the principles of Kali are understood, the practitioner can defend themselves with or without a weapon and will have the ability to pick up just about anything and use it to protect themselves (i.e. a pen, a book,  a woman’s purse, etc.).

Training in Kali includes various footwork patterns, multiple striking angles, and right side-left side hand eye coordination. Learning the patterns in Kali and how to coordinate upper body and lower body together fosters sharp mental focus, increased concentration and quickness. 

This art is a perfect Self Defense System for women, because the weapon becomes an equalizer when confronted by a much larger, stronger person. Pure strength is not needed to protect yourself with this art. It is a complete MMA System, and includes weapons, empty hand striking, takedowns and grappling.

Kali is so efficient that it is often taught to special forces soldiers and has recently been featured in many Hollywood films such as the “John Wick Trilogy starring Keanu reeves, the “Bourne Identity” Trilogy, featuring Matt Damon; and “The Hunted” starring Tommy Lee Jones.

There are many different systems of Kali. At American Dragon Martial Arts Academy, we teach a few that have been trained directly from some of the most renowned instructors in the world. 

The Lacoste-Inosanto System directly under Sifu Dan Inosanto

Pekiti Tersia directly under Tuhan Leo Gaje and Tom Bisio

Doce Pares directly Kali under Joni Canete

Balintiwak Kali directly under Grandmaster Crispulo Atillio 

Lamenco Escrima under Edgar Salute

Serada under Mike Inay

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