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At American Dragon, we have invested a lot of time, research, and education into our world class Leadership Program. This program teaches your kids how to be Leaders within themselves, at school, at home, and within the community. 
In our Leadership Classes, your kids learn a high level of communication skills, which we know is the cornerstone of highly successful people. If you look at any one of the most visible, successful leaders in the world, you will see that their ability to communicate their message is what got them there, and what keeps them there. It is what inspires us to want to be better, to do better. A a parent, the way you communicate with your children is paramount for not only their success, but also for the success of the family unit.
The Leadership students also learn how to lead small groups and individuals. How to stand tall, and be confident in front of a group, to look people in the eye, properly shake a hand and speak clearly. They understand that they are a role model, leading by example, and thus it molds them into the strong, confident person they know they can be.
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